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Connecting businesses to award-winning platforms, for seamless and secure global payments.

Feature packed payment solution

150+ Currencies
30+ Payment Methods
E-commerce, MOTO,
Recurring Payments
and Subscriptions
& Card Storage
& Reports APIs
& Batch Processing
Checks & Filters
Mobile Friendly
Hosted Checkout
15+ Shopping
Cart Plugins

Integrate with the best

MerchantScout's payments package includes an integration with a selection of award-winning Level 1 PCI DSS compliant gateways, managing hundreds of Millions in EUR processing volume. Process debit and major credit cards including over 30 alternative payment methods, within a single platform. An essential, robust back-end system is accompanied by modern web based reporting tools which enable you to monitor and manage your transactions, payouts, refunds and reserves in real-time.

Integrations: Comprehensive APIs, including Mobile, Java, PHP, Node.js & other SDK libraries.

Secure Hosted Payment Page
Hosted Payment Page

Enjoy the convenience of easy & fast setup. Your clients fill out all order information on your website and then get redirected to our gateway's payment page to enter their credit card details. After the payment is successfully made they are redirected back to a "Thank You" page on your server.

API integration
Server-to-Server API

Most seamless way to pay online. Have full control and build your own payment form. The details that cardholders submit on your website are sent securely to the gateway server through a secure background process, without any redirect or interruption.

Shopping Carts & Plugins

Built-in Fraud Prevention

Maximize your revenue by implementing restrictions to keep fraudulent shoppers at bay, while ensuring a smooth checkout process for your customers. Our featured gateways provide powerful built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behaviour. This ensures that any suspicious activity is blocked quickly and at source. Such activity may consist of:

  • Multiple cards used at intervals
  • Unmatched issuing bank country with order or shipping country
  • Usage of various free e-mail addresses
  • Soft or mandatory 3D Secure, Address Verification
  • Exceeding sale amounts over average transactions
  • Unusual activity combining other payment methods
  • Card identification numbers known for fraud
  • E-mail domains known for fraud
  • Anti-Fraud Filters and Risk Monitoring

Integrated payment methods

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