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Adult industry and e-commerce

Adult-based industries have blossomed over the past decade, as the eCommerce boom has transformed the way that consumers pay. No longer do customers have to endure awkward face-to-face encounters with cashiers, nervously rushing at the checkout for fear that they will bump into someone they know. Today, the stress involved in the purchase of Adult oriented material is eradicated, as the customer can make the transaction in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Whether you deal in pornography, operating an adult dating portal, or advertise adult escort services, following the lead by taking your business online gives the level of discretion that is key to reducing customer drop-off and driving revenue in the Adult industry. Merchants opening themselves up to online commerce save their customers’ blushes as well as connecting with new customers that dare not step foot in an Adult brick-and-mortar establishment. It is therefore key that adult businesses look to get their business online as quickly as possible.

For this, merchants need to choose excellent online payment services to make customers’ shopping experience as seamless and simple as possible, growing their customer base and increasing loyalty.

Is it High Risk?

Typically, Adult merchants are labelled ‘high risk’ clients by online payment processing companies, and as such many will not enter into partnerships with them, or will do only for inflated fees.

There are several reasons that Adult merchants are bracketed as high risk, including:

Credit risks - a long delay between a payment being made and the goods and services being delivered.

Copyright infringement - distributing adult video or photographic material withiout permission.

Regulatory Risks - where the industry in which the merchant operates has stringent rules and regulations that may inhibit regular transaction processing.

Reputational Risks - a payment company shies away from dealing with merchants as they believe that they will tarnish their reputation.

The first key decision you need to make as an Adult merchant looking to expand your business online, is choosing a payment processor has experience working with high-risk accounts within adult industry. You need to choose a payment provider that is comfortable with taking on an Adult merchant into their portfolio, and that trusts you enough to not pose a risk when they are processing your payments. Selecting a provider with a proven track record and expertise in taking such merchants is therefore essential.

Luckily, MerchantScout is working with several trusted EU based acquiring banks where we have placed many adult merchants. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

Preferred Payment Methods

Many customers purchasing Adult goods and services may want to use a specific credit or debit card when making a transaction, to maintain discretion and to stay in control of their bank records. It is therefore essential that a merchant’s payments processor accepts a wide range of payment methods that suit the customers’ needs.

As standard, merchants need to be able to accept Visa and MasterCard, no questions asked. But to really offer your customers the very best online shopping experience, and to give the flexibility and convenience that will keep them returning to your eCommerce site again and again, you need to offer more niche payment methods, such as American Express, Maestro, JCB, Carte Bleue, as well as alternative payment methods such as Paysafecard.

Many of these more off-the-beaten-track card methods are more preferable in different territories around the world. As a result, you can easily expand your influence to countries where these card companies are popular.

Getting approved

As with any high-risk category merchant account application, be ready to provide additional documentation, perhaps a business plan and proofs of service delivery or adult material distribution licenses showing your company has the legal rights to publish the material; or perhaps your policies how you screen the acceptance of webcam models. There are different requirements and every payment provider may ask you for slightly different things.

With many high-risk industries finding it difficult to get approved, when they finally do find a suitable payments processor then want to be on-boarded as quickly as possible. However, many payments companies catering for clients in high-risk industries have lengthy on-boarding processes which include tedious and slow administrative checks, brought about by poor customer support. With MerchantScout's you don't need to worry, after years of experience we remain working only with the best and high quality acquiring partners for Adult procesisng.

Gateways, plugins and recurring billing

When you create your online marketplace, you will need certain elements to build the framework of the payment pages. In the same way as when you build a brick-and-mortar store you need security scanners, shopping baskets and a till, when you build an eCommerce platform you need tools to do the same jobs, albeit in a virtual way.

As an adult oriented businesses accepting online payments you will most commonly have to deal with a gateway API integration and implementation of monthly recurring billing system. You need to choose the appropriate shopping carts, CRMs, billing management platforms, security systems and based on that find a payment provider which is able to offer you integration of their gateway with your specific application. You need to make sure to optimise your customers’ checkout experiences. Believe it or not, there are dozens to choose from. Our top picks: NMI Gateway & Chargebee Recurring Billing

High-risk industry, low-risk growth

Despite the several hoops through which Adult businesses have to jump in order to get their eCommerce site up and running, the financial rewards that are gained when they begin trading can be lucrative. In order to achieve this, merchants should wisely choose experts in high-risk industries, who have the necessary expertise to make this a reality.

To find out how you can unlock your eCommerce potential, get in touch with one of our dedicated advisors today. Our experience in helping major players in the Adult industry to expand their offering and accelerate their growth through online commerce is second to none. Get in touch today and be pre-approved tomorrow.

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